How do I change my SafeLink Number? (Quick and Easy!)

Have you lost your phone or SIM card and now want to change SafeLink number? Do you want to port your old number? You have landed in the correct place to know about it in detail.

The SafeLink number is issued only for those who are low in income. But when you want to change the SafeLink number, you have to choose one of the ways suggested by the SafeLink wireless program.

In this article, you will read how the SafeLink wireless program helps you in changing your SafeLink number. Let’s understand this article and change the number without any ado.

What is the SafeLink number?

The SafeLink number is provided by the US government to only those eligible people whose annual income is very low. They have to enroll themselves to get free telecom and data services. For enrollment, the organisation verifies their identity with the help of the social security number. They have to submit their income proof for verifying income in the documentation.

The best thing about this service is that it is free for poor people. They get free data to use internet services and free minutes to communicate on the phone.

They can upgrade their plans if they want to extend the data limit and calling time. For upgrading their plans, they will be charged.

What is SafeLink wireless program?

What is SafeLink wireless program

SafeLink wireless program is a free customer service launched by LifeScience for the welfare of SafeLink customers. This can assist you not only in changing your SafeLink number but also in many more things.

By texting the Help to the number 611611, you can ask any query related to your SafeLink number.

For changing the phone number, you need to type the MINC keyword and send it to the number 611611. You will get all the information regarding changing my safe link number quickly.

You will get different options to change your phone number. You can choose any one option. You don’t need to pay for changing the number.

How Can I Change My SafeLink Number Via Customer Service?

The easiest way to change the SafeLink number is to contact customer care service. It would be best if you chose this. You need to talk to the customer care representative. The representative will verify your details by asking a few questions.

Then, he will ask about your account number. Your account number is generally your 10-digit SafeLink number. Alternatively, it can be your phone’s IMEI number. After that, he will confirm your passcode from you. You have to tell your SafeLink phone’s 6-digit MSL.

The best thing is that you don’t need to replace your phone and SIM card when you are changing your SafeLink number. You will get the new number on your old device and SIM card.

How Can I Change My SafeLink Number Via Text?

Another option for changing the SafeLink number is by sending a text message to SafeLink.

You need to visit the website of the SafeLink Wireless Program. Then, type the keyword MINC and send it to the number 611611. When you enter your 10-digit phone number, you will come to know all the steps that you should walk through for changing the SafeLink number.

How Can I Change My SafeLink Number Via Text

You will get the steps on the screen to follow, and your number will be changed.

Furthermore, you can gather more information regarding this service from the SafeLink site.

How Can I Change My SafeLink Number Via Porting the Old Number?

If you are thinking of porting your old number from any other wireless service provider to SafeLink, then the customer care service center will assist you.

SafeLink doesn’t force you to use the allotted number only. You can port your old number and use it on a SafeLink device.

The customer care representative will guide you with the steps that you should follow for this.


Am I eligible for a SafeLink number?

SafeLink is a US government-sponsored program that has been launched for poor people. If your income is low, then you will be eligible for a SafeLink number.

How can I change my SafeLink number with the help of a text message?

The SafeLink wireless program assists customers in many ways. Here, you should text MINC and send it to 611611. Then, you will discover the steps necessary for changing your phone number.

Is the service of changing the SafeLink phone number free?

Yes, you can change your SafeLink phone number without paying any fee. It is free of cost for the customers.

Final Talk

Many options are available to change the SafeLink number. But I recommend that you call the customer care center. Your SafeLink number will be changed immediately. You don’t need to undergo lengthy procedures for changing the number.

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We will help you in changing your SafeLink number if you find any problems. Hence, write it to us.

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