Find SafeLink Enrollment Number (In No Time!)

Have you forgotten the SafeLink enrollment number? Now, you are thinking that you will have to struggle a lot to get it back. If yes, then you should leave all your worries here because you have landed at the correct place.

You start to hunt for your enrollment number for the first time when you log in to your account. At that time, you are asked to enter your SafeLink enrollment number to complete the login credentials. But you don’t get it.

Read this article and check out how to find SafeLink enrollment numbers in no time.

Can I find a safe link enrollment number?

A SafeLink enrollment number is an essential number for those who are possessing a SafeLink account. You can find the SafeLink enrollment number easily. Let’s discover how you can get it without any ado through this article.

What is a SafeLink enrollment number?

Those Americans who belong to the category of low-income get the benefits of the Lifeline program. It means that they get calling minutes and data either free or at discounted rates.

For getting the advantage of this scheme, you need to enroll in the SafeLink Wireless Program. When you are enrolled for the service, an enrollment number is issued with a SafeLink SIM card to you.

When do you need the SafeLink enrollment number?

When you want to make some changes or need any kind of help on your SafeLink account, you try to log in to your account.

At that time, you have to input your enrollment number for logging into the account. Without it, you can’t access the account.

Find Safelink Enrollment Number

Furthermore, when you call SafeLink customer care support to assist you with some changes to your account, your customer care representative will ask for your enrollment number for completing the verification process.

Unexpectedly, if your phone or SIM Card is stolen, you may need to provide SafeLink with your enrollment number to get a new SIM card and a phone.

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Where can I get the SafeLink enrollment number?

SafeLink sends a letter along with a SafeLink SIM card to the customers. On the back of the starter pack, the enrollment number is given. Also, SafeLink mentions your enrollment number in the letter.

If you still have that letter or starter with you, you can get the SafeLink enrollment number without any ado.

How to get a lost SafeLink enrollment number?

If you don’t have a letter and starter pack with you, you should not be worried about the SafeLink enrollment number.

You can go with an alternative option. You should make a call to your SafeLink customer care at 1-800-378-1684. You can request to give your enrollment number.

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Can I log into my SafeLink account number without an enrollment number?

No, you can’t log into your SafeLink account number without your enrollment number. Whenever you log in, you need to input your enrollment number as a mandatory option.

Where should I find my enrollment number in the starter pack?

You will get your SafeLink enrollment number at the back of your starter pack. Therefore, you should always keep it safe and secure. In case you forget your enrollment number, you can get it there.

I am a taxpayer. Can I be eligible for the SafeLink Wireless Program?

The SafeLink Wireless Program is only for those Americans who fall into the category of low-income. If you earn well, you can not get this scheme.


Hope that this article has explained to you why the SafeLink enrollment number is essential and how to get it back in case you lost it.

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